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They are. Now the closer you get to the original species, or crosses with recessive genes, they'll be more similar to one another, but technically they're all unique :)
Didn't know that about Dionaea, maybe I'll have to acquire some of those to play with as well... (as if a few hundred AV seedlings wasn't enough :p )


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Dear all,
Seed bank services are temporarily unavailable until the Canada Post strikes are resolved to avoid any lost mail.
Thanks for understanding.
CPSC seed bank manager


Thanks Willy,,
I thought I had lost my mind after I had been searching the list and investigating descriptions before placing an order. Then the list disappeared. (Was scrathing my head why I could not find it)
Suggestion might be to add a note to anyone looking to order that it has been "postponed", rather than remove it entirely so new members like myself can still investigate species, and order when the posties & CPSC have it resolved.
Enjoy your day,,,,Greg


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I was hoping that the job actions would be resolved by Black Friday/ Christmas, but it seems like it is unlikely.
I'll be processing all the pending orders and send them out as soon as possible. New orders will have to wait until the strike is over.
My apologies for the inconvenience.


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I don’t know what’s snail mail but there is UPS, Purolator or FedEx that can deliver anything you want. I’d use a padded envelope though.


I've considered checking it out myself.. I've already lost 1 batch of seeds to the strike so far, depending on the price I might be willing to try another company since it'll be months before things are back to normal. If you do look into it willy please let us know!

Lloyd Gordon

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If you were sending a package to one person for multiple recipients, it's reasonable. Also for bigger parcels.


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Yes, I don't think any other carriers can send the regular mail to mailboxes. Most of them if not all cannot deliver to PO box as well. The alternative ways are only good for parcels, big packages or a bunch of mails grouped together (as a parcel).