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Thanks very much for accepting me, I live in Hamilton Ontario, and am really interested in cultivating some Nepenthes,and a few others Saracenia, Cephalotus, Dionea's?? I have been growing cold tolerant Palm tree's for quite a few years also, Looking forward to getting to know some people with similar interests.
in search of my first plant or two to start diving into the hobby :D
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Welcome! It’s late in the year for shipping live plants but there may be someone in Vancouver who could hook you up. Or try some sundew seeds.
Hi everybody, it's nice to be part of your group, thank you. I wonder if there are some members that sell plants in Toronto area? I'm particularly interested in Lowland Nepenthes but would be willing to see anything you got.
Hello Willy, do you have plants for sale or seed?
Plant sale is over for this year, seeds available on my website,
Thank you! :)
I love it when you find random D. Rotundifolia around you bogs... Even more so when you never put seeds there in the first place...
Spent the day identifying the insects around my plants, flower flies, regular flies and quite a few great black wasps (they're huge!)