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sowed some misc CP seeds... a first in long time, as self set seed pods have been ignored over the years and "volunteer" seedlings occurred every now and then
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that sounds wonderful! If wish I had some weedy carnivores! What species volunteered for you?
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a few darlingtonia... and a lot of D binata, D spathulata & D intermedia
Hello there, thanks for your reply. I’m new at carnivorous plants and am really fascinated by Pygmy Drosera. I wanted to ask if you have gemmae for drosera dichrosepala and gibsonni? if you have then I’d love to buy from you.
many thank/ sparky
I was wondering if you by any chance have Drosera Scorpioides Gemma, I love this plant but can’t seem to find anywhere
Hello, I was wondering if you have Drosera Scorpioides Gemmae to sell, I love this this plant and can’t seem to find anywhere.
Willy thanks for sending such good quality Drosera Regia seeds, they have just started germinating