Willy's TC Journey


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One common misconceptions is that plant tissue culture is easy... That's because most of us would only show the successful cultures and hide the many jars that keep us crying at night... :(

Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora
IMG_20200627_205813 sfr~1.jpg

Drosera 'Andromeda'
IMG_20200627_210209 and~1.jpg

Roridula gorgonias is finally growing better!
IMG_20200627_210435 rg~1.jpg

Drosera ascendens
IMG_20200627_210620 asc~1.jpg

Drosera regia
IMG_20200627_210648 reg~1.jpg

Utricularia mix
IMG_20200627_210753 u~1.jpg


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@WillyCKH: What is your method for disposing of a contaminated culture such as this one? Do you autoclave with the container open?
That's one way to do it. I'd sterilize it sometimes with Hydrogen peroxide and clear out the gel for compost for outdoor plants on the balcony. The wild springtails and other critters will finish off the fungus with no problem.