What makes your perfect sarr?


I used to have a small AF [purpurea x courtii] (pretty much it took after the purp so it's just a false purp het) super fun to see how many bugs try jam themselves into the small pitchers.

I won't call then victims, I prefer to call them vitamins @Sib

I contemplated so much whether to type out that pun. No regrets


Don't you just love how sarracenia seedlings or even young plants are sort of like a gamble for their future look and how they change throughout the seasons.


Can you share some pics? Idc can be google just want to see what you mean?
Some solid colours.
Sarracenia 'waccammaw'
Sarracenia 'Black Widow'

ornata's with little to no bleeding.
Mk F88
Black veins from Bulloch Co GA

I do like giants(Large openings and/or tall traps), hoping to get a couple out of my seedlings but we'll see!
Red throats such as the rubricorpora in my profile pic, Leah Wilkerson, Wilkerson's White Knight, and even the S. flava ornata MK F88.
I’m really big on contrasting colours in pitchers. I love the look of a lighter pitcher with a dark rim or vice versa. Huge fan of ornata or anything with bold veining as well. Big flamboyant lids are awesome too. I love all that but then I have to say the simplicity of S.minor and it’s hybrids is pretty cool because of the windows they produce. It’s a really cool trait , both visually and functionally.


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Here’s a couple of my favourites I hope to track down someday. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be common in Canada or just haven’t been spread around much yet.

S. ‘Black widow’

S. ‘Iamsatyricon’

S. leucophylla ‘hurricane creek white’


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HCW can be obtained through seed, there’s always a few breeders in the states that have it available using some really nice clones!
It won't be the same as the mother plant, and even within the HCW, clone A to F look very different. I have clone A and will get clone F because to me they look like 2 different plants.

Those that I like the most are Adrian Slack, Ellie Wang, Camisole and HCW. I also really like those white leuco with a pink mouth inside. I got L42 from Mike King and hoping it will develop that nice pink mouth.

Out of the 6 pictures posted in this thread to represent HCW, only the second one looks like it. All others don't look like HCW. First picture is an alba, with a way too much ripple in the hood. HCW has a bulbous form and a very small lid. Third picture has too much red veining, 4th does not have the right shape, 5th has a too large top, and 6th, well they look tiny, maybe some seedlings? HCW is a large vigorous plant.

Here is HCW clone F.


And here are some of my favorites from google (not my pictures):



NOt sure the name of that one, but I like it a lot:


Ellie Wang, that one to me is perfection! :


Mike King L42:



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@daniella3d yes you are correct in that it won’t look the same. But under the cultivar description as long as it’s lineage is from the hurricane creek Alabama site, has no red venation, and has a large Snow White too. It can be considered part of cultivar HCW. Kinda like S. Alucard, or now seeming to be S. Blood Moon where if it has the correct lineage and similar characteristics it falls under that cultivar name.

Here’s a HCW seedling if mine, I think it’s clone E x Clone F. But I’ll have to double check that.


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It depends what you want. For a seedling this is fine, but for now it does not have the shape of a mature HCW. When I wanted to buy HCW, I wanted something very specific. I wanted the puffy pitchers with the small lid and very white plant with green venation. I did not only like the white, but most of all I liked the shape. If it does not have the shape of HCW, to me it's just a regular alba. There are some alba that are very white, they have even more white than HCW, but they have a more of a cone form rather than the puffy look. I have a few alba, but they really don't have the same shape.

I saw Mike Wang cross of clone A X clone F and they looked just like the rest of HCW for the shape, but they had more red when the pitchers where young. If you really want the best of HCW, get the clone F. Nothing compare to it. You won't get the same plant from the seeds.


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I agree that Clone F is stunning and one of the best but there are loads of other clones that are just as nice and some aren’t even HCW as they originate from Washington County. The Clone A x F has produced many that look identical to Clone F, to the point that people can’t tell them apart.

Seed grown plants also don’t show their true form for years, some very white seedling turn out terrible and others that didn’t show much promise turn out amazing. I think it’s very much worth growing HCW from seed as it’s the only way to get better plants, as you said, not all turn out great so you need to be prepared to throw away most of the seedlings and only pick the best (or none at all).

As for the name “Hurricane Creek White” he is correct that if they originate from that population and fit the alba description (which doesn’t mention shape) then they are officially HCW. It’s similar to how every Antho Free excellens is ‘Green Monster’ whether is came from the original cross or not. I think it’s a interesting way of grouping them and similar to how Orchid Grexs are done.


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It is a shame they don't describe the shape, because the HCW that I love have a very specific shape. I would not have bought it otherwise as I already had alba leuco.


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Do keep in mind that shape is extremely variable from year to year, so it would be difficult to pin that down as to what would count. That’s why people specify that the cultivar is through division only, so ever if it looks different from year to year, you at least know it’s the same plant.