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Ever hear of dissolving rust with molasses?

There are lots of chemicals that will remove rust but most of them are nasty. When I heard about this it interested me because of the ease and unlike the other chemicals molasses isn't a nasty chemical you have trouble handling or disposing of.

The way it works.. I don’t know. A chemist friend struggled to explain it to me haha it does work well though. The best I have heard is the molasses ferments and uses oxygen in the process but in the low oxygen environment it steals it from the oxidized metal.

Heres what you do.
- get feed grade molasses important it’s feed grade so it doesn’t have preservatives in it.(they feed it to cows? So you can find it a farm stores)

- Mix it 9 parts water to one part molasses.

- Keep it at 20 degrees Celsius in a bucket or barrel.

- Put rusty parts in and wait one week and remove rinse and brush the iron filings off and paint.

You can tell it’s working as bubbles will be rising to the top in the shape of the metal object submerged. It will even remove paint if left long enough.

Here’s the before/after of some metals I have tried just removed and rinsed from the molasses


Cast iron


Thought it was brass but turned out to be copper as well
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Don't feed it to cows afterwards.
Fermented molasses, Distilled = rum! o_O When I was a kid my parents used to keep pigs and we would pick up all the expired food from the grocery stores to feed the pigs. We would store all the milk in a drum and juice in another. Well one day in the summer we thought the pigs were dying they were on their side unable to stand and had messed themselves. Turns out the juice had fermented, speaking of getting animals drunk. (The pigs bounced back and were fine a couple hours later)

looked fun to me.. I’m not going to lie, I tried the juice too! o_O
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