Update on my situation.


At first, when I got my VFT , I had 3 baby traps. I planted in 50/50 sphagnum peat moss and perlite and ever since I have left a tray of distilled water underneath, and it gets rain water from being outside. When I left them outside, they turned black and died, due to too much sun i guess. Then more started to grow, slowly. I then re potted it as it was growing a weed, and what I thought might have been some mold, maybe last week. The largest of the new traps that was doing good shriveled up and died as well, which I was not too happy about.

The weather is not sunny every single day, some times we get days without sun, which can be quite wet and rainy, and sometimes the temperature drops a bit.

At this point, this is what it looks like. What are your opinions? Does it just take long for the initial growth? Do I cut off the dying ones at this point? Is any of this normal during it's first growth? Is the pot too big maybe? I am wondering what I am doing right or wrong.

Thanks again guys. I always look forward to your advice, and I know I recently asked these questions, but I can figure out what is going on. I really want to learn how to do this. It is not dead yet, so I need to figure this out.



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Dionea don't die with too much sun. It's something else.
It's probably the repotting that went wrong and too much water.
Take out the weed but don't repot for the next 2 years. Let it grow some roots.

For me until the plant really start de grow just keep it moist (empty the water in the tray) and in full sun.
At this point, I wonder if I would not grow it 1 year indoors, warm and away from too much moisture, the time it really grows.