Stuff to give away: 34 served so far! (No more to give away!)


Hi everyone. It's been a cold April, so I'm thinking of early May to mail stuff. Everything will be free except for postage and maybe some mailing material depending.
There will be:
A lot of small to established but small Nepenthe bellii. These are from TC and there are quite a few.
A lot of small VFT's from TC, pretty well standard but with mostly nice red traps (with good light). Some are TC "balls o' plants" that can be separated into babies. Although small, these will grow quickly when they get some space to spread.
Big mats of Utricularia gibba with other Utrics growing in the mats: calcifyda, nephrophylla, subulata, I have lots to give away. Maybe a Drosera hamiltonii hiding in the gibba also.
A flat leaved Utric (terrestrial, label lost)
3 N. vetchii, small but established.
Some Noid Nepenthe from Labine which is easy to grow,
Some Noid Nepenthe (I lost the tag) from WillyCKH
Some Heli seedlings (small juveniles) either nutans or heterophylla X minor
Some Sarr's from TC. Getting to be a year old and varying depending when they got out of TC and took off. These are from Carson's seed stock and the older ones are showing some nice colour.
A cutting of Pachycentra glauca (antplant)
A small but healthy Myrmecodia tuberosa
Some small Weingartia (Cacti) from seed
Some small Eriosyce odorosa (Cacti) from seed
Cuttings of Pereskiopsis spathulata for Cactus grafting.
3 month old seedlings of Melocactus matanzanus suitable for grafting.

So lots of stuff and mostly small.
I would really like to send the least number of packages to save on my effort and save on shipping. I would appreciate if some people who want stuff, would volunteer to get a package for a number of people in one Center, say Calgary for example. Then the others from say Calgary could pick up their stuff from this one person. People would have to divide up the shipping in an equitable way, perhaps the secondary distributor would get a break on the shipping by the others in the same center. We'll see how this works out.

Who gets what depends on who I owe favours to, who I know or like the most, who is most active & generous on the forum but generally in my past giveaways everybody who asks gets something nice (maybe small stuff).

So if you want something, post in this thread. If you want to be a secondary distributor, post it here too.
Hi all, I noticed this thread has a lot of winnipeg people in it, so I thought I'd reach out here! I'm currently visiting Winnipeg and looking for new and exciting plants to bring home to Toronto. I'm particularly partial to pinguicula, sundews and some Nepenthes. I would love to get into Utricularia as well. I have a small shop back home where I sell carnivorous plants so I'd love to make connections with any growers who would be interested in doing consignment for plant sales as well. Send me a message if you'd be interested in meeting up and/or selling some plants!

Lloyd Gordon

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Ok, let's see if I can find enough for 3 people. Warning: these will be more or less globs and I cant guarantee pure samples!
Haha sounds like utricularia (absolutely no regard for labelled pots) haha awesome though, excited to add these to my collection! Thanks Lloyd!!