Stan's Monolena primuliflora


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My plants are so slow, do you have any secrets?
I keep mine in domes/tubs to give them as much humidity as possible. I also keep their substrate fairly moist - the LFS is usually in contact with some water. When the plants were younger, I fertilized with 1/4-1/2 strength orchid fertilizer a couple times but that's it.

My plants actually aren't pushing out many leaves and the existing leaves aren't very green - probably giving them too much light? I already toned down my grow lights. The flowering plants haven't pushed out any new leaves in months - it's possible they flowered as a last ditch effort of survival but who knows!

In comparison, one of the plants I gave my parents has pushed out tons of leaves that are huge/green. They grow it in a dome in front of a south facing window. It's possible the lower light levels = more/greener foliage?


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I had one but it would never thrive for me, for sure want to give it a try again.


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I won't be able to harvest until early next week. Does anyone know if the seeds can dry out or do I need to keep them moist?


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This is my mom's plant I gave her. Started at the same time as mine but significantly more and larger leaves. Grown in front of a south facing window in a 1020 dome until it was too large to fit.