Some questions about my VFT

So, I purchased this VFT about a month ago ish, and I would love to know what you guys thing of it's progress. I got some advice earlier on about it, and now there seems to be new growth which is great.

Should I be cutting the old traps yet? Or should I wait until they completely turn black. Also, hat do I do about the weed that seems to be growing in the soil next to the plant?

Any advice on this, and what you guys think about how the plant looks would be great.

Thanks again everyone,


There are to pics below:
@Lloyd Gordon I just repoted it with a loose peat and perlite mix. This is the same way I did it when I received my VFT. I added more distilled water to the tray as well. So, now that I have done that: 1) Will this stress out the plant at all, repoting it again? 2) I think it was compact from rain that we have been having lately. If so what can I do about this? Is it ok to keep it in the rain? 3) How do I make sure the soil stays loose and doesn't get like this again? 4) If I see the weed start to grow again, what should I do? Why does this happen?.

Sorry for the 20 questions. You have been very helpful this far. Thank you.