Seed grown Jambans and Jacqs for sale and jamban crosses for sale

Seed grown Jambans
Due to circumstances,
I need to sell a lot of things that I would have grown out more,
these are in regular plastic beer cups from cdn tire for size reference.
Jacqs are in the top picture
Jamban crosses are in the hexes
and the Jambans are in the beer cups to the left of the hexes in the bottom photo
35$ each

Please note that the sales will help furnish my three year old daughters new bedroom,

I also have a very tiny lingulata for sale ,26$ please see the other auction thread for a picture of it where I bought it from Willy, it pretty much looks the same.
Buyer pays Shipping,
Thanks !

If you would like any of these please also mention your postal code so that I can figure out a shipping cost for you :)