P. gigantea troubleshoot


Hey All,

I got this P. gigantea from Willy back in may and I've been having difficulties with it ever since. It's growing in a largely mineral mix (perlite, sand, vermiculite and a little peat) in a decently tall pot (so it's far from the water table) being kept on the dry side (I let the tray stay dry for about a week between watering) in ambient humidity (50-70%) and temperature (on the cool side, it's in the basement). I would assume it was overwatering but I've already switched it out of a more water retentive media and I'm barely giving it any water (or that's what it feels like) - would it prefer warmer temps and higher humidity? I could switch it into my terrarium where my P. 'John Rizzy' grows very happily but I thought I'd check here with people who can actually grow these things first.

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In my experience, P. gigantea likes a peatier mix. I find that they like 1 peat 3 perlite, they will also be happy to grow on top of live sphagnum moss which prevents root rot. Humidity shouldn't matter too much, I grow most of my Pings in room humidity ~50-60%. Hope that helps!


Great info, thanks Willy! I think I'll try and move it into the warmer terrarium since my conditions are on the cool side and if that doesn't work then I'll try a soil change, I appreciate the help!


I have been experimenting with growing my P. agnata in pure pumice (mostly uniform in particle size) though I think the ones growing in a mixture containing peat are faring better.


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for my part I prefer to grow them in a more calcareous mixture.
from may to october outdoor,sheltered from the sun but with good luminosity, watering every 15 days
from october to may inside my garage (12-15 ° c) in front of a south-facing window, without watering.

often in winter their leaves are smaller, their way of going into dormancy