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Super blood wolf moon happening tonight.

“It’s “Super” as the moon will be closer to Earth and appear slightly bigger and brighter than usual. Wolf refers to it being a January full moon and blood is in the name as the eclipse will create a red color on the surface of the celestial body”
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Got to see the Moon last night as well! @stevebradford we we’re lucky the fog didn’t roll in early last night!

@Lloyd Gordon your Sarracenia should be good, particularly when the freeze happened slowly and over time. Last winter I let my plant unprotected outside and we had a very nasty winter (by our standards at least). I lost count of the times the froze and thawed, a couple nights were -9c and I didn’t loose anything.


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I missed this info! lol
Not that I would done it (in Manitoba, it was only 13ºC at the warmer moment of May 4), but it's fun to know.

Lloyd Gordon

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You couldn't find a more benign person to murder than a Botany professor.

This reminds me of when the Saunders of Silverhill Seeds were killed in South Africa. Who thought it would happen in Canada?
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The Brazilian state of Roraima a carnivourous plant pilgrimage is one of those worst affected by the fires you have probably heard about in Brazil.

Roraima is home to many carnivourous plants Heliamphora, Drosera, Utricularia and Brocchinia.

The amazing Tepuis of Roraima are home to some of the most unique and iconic of those carnivourous plants. Fortunately the Tepuis so far are unaffected by the fires and deforestation.
Unfortunately the lowland jungle that is being cleared and on fire is home to manny more species of plants including the carnivourous.

Some of the fires are purportedly started with the hope of economic stability in jobs in agriculture once the jungle is removed for crops.

Good news for us carnivourous plant enthusiasts Roraima is one of the least populated still wild parts of Brazil. It still has nomadic tribes of hunter gatherers and manny state parks.
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these intentional fires harm the lungs of our planet and the lives of the natives who shelter these forests, only for the purpose of profiting a minority, this is very sad :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


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Im sure you have heard of the raging fires in south australia particularly New South Wales. This is just the start of the fire season there apparently. Lots of interesting drosera in that area, hopefully no plant or animal species are lost forever. Also @John Yates lives somewhere in the south I believe, hope things are good and not too smoky John.