New harvest seeds for sale


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Well, it's now the perfect time for most of Canadian as it's still freeze here.
And I think the seeds don't like to be frozen.

I'll wait April before ordering some.

Lloyd Gordon

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I think many seeds are very low in water and thus fairly resistant to cold. Moist seeds like antplant seeds would be an exception.


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Nepenthes seeds are sensitive to cold temperature. That's why ICPS recommends NOT to put Nepenthes seeds in the refrigerator (~4°C) for storage.


I don’t really recommend it- but in the past I’ve impulse bought Nepenthes seed in the middle of winter. After several weeks of travel, and then after sitting in an icy mailbox for many hours in roughly -20C temperatures- they still germinated! So it’s possible, but maybe not the best idea... just sharing my experience :)