Nepenthes truncata


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These plants are just trucking right along, I’ve given away about 40 of these plants in the last two years and would love to see how everyone’s are doing.

This was several weeks ago and it’s just opening now, it is male and there are an additional 2 males also coming into flowering from this batch. Luckily my largest lowland truncata is also coming into flower and I should be able to pollinate them for another generation.


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I’m going to break the tradition of just posting Nepenthes truncata from this seed batch and post one from the first seed I ever grew. This is a “lowland” truncata and the seed was produced out of Australia about 11 years ago. The “lowland” truncata are typically green with a flushed peristome (Or often striped) and don’t get red flushed leaves, purple peristomes, the overall dark colours.

I wouldn’t say there is much special about this plant except that it’s old and it’s female. It’s been in that 8 inch pot for about 6 years, I really like to add a lot of perlite so that when the mix starts to breakdown it doesn’t rot out the roots. Being epiphytes I would rather keep them in the dry side then soaking wet side.
One of Justin and Kurtis’ truncata Growing in natural light in the windowsill of our main bathroom. Only getting maybe 6-7 hours of half decent daylight and humidity isn’t crazy high with the house heat on all the time. Yet , it’s throwing off a new pitcher and leaves growing slow but steady :) what a beast


Awesome! We have given away oodles of these to the CP community and I love seeing update pics on these Trunc’s! Can you believe these giants are less than 4 years old from seed! Some are even being grown by some top CP horticulturists in the USA.
It seems like yesterday that these were just planted in my lab! Nice work everybody! The pic attached here is
what the giants looked like in June of 2016...