my TC & indoor growing experience

Hi, this thread is to post about my TC and indoor growing.

starting it off heres a few plants i have indoors atm

and heres some stuff i just put in TC yesterday

mostly fly traps, including one melody shark which is still quite rare in australia
and drosera adelae which i did from a new tiny leaf and the tip of an existing leaf. they didnt seem to survive the sterilization process though, they went quite black just with the first step in hydrogen peroxide and today they seem to have phenolic bleeding quite alot. anyone got suggestions on how to sterilize drosera leaf? might try just soaking it in PPM mixture

everything is sitting under a 54w home made led light which i can post about later if anyone is interested

next ill probably do some ceph, nep and darlingtonia seed
did yours go quite black when put thru the process? i did something like
2 mins h2o2 3% 5 mins bleach 10% then sterile water and in, obviously the vfts handles it much better as much larger and less vascular leaves. i could give it a shot with root cuttings but dunno


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No the leaf shouldn't turn "quite black", it should still be in a healthy green after the process.
Bummer, i'll have to try a larger leaf next time... ill have to dome it so it doesnt get covered with flies

heres something i'm experimenting with. blended some half dead sphagnum and put it under lights. now it's starting to grow , should look better in a week or two

this VFT looks like it's forming callus or very soon.
still nothing to report really, no real callus or growth present yet, the blended moss is growing quite well when compared to unblended (would be better to do it with lively green moss.. ill see what i can do lol)
number of growth points coming out at the closes parts to the lights
Yep, probably, just too lazy to mist it every day, just waterlog it so i dont have to water so often haha
82076178_2489029448083465_19565835186077696_n.jpgheres another one that wasnt blended.. would be interested to do same thing with fully vibrant green moss, and blend it because it seems to have worked rather well with this half dead zombie moss
81970537_515583085719434_2708368267612782592_n.jpgMaybe this one is developing callus? could also just be getting burnt from the grow lights, idk lol.
i've been away for 2 weeks, one vft has formed callus, 2 have been contaminted but one of those seems to also be forming callus (im thinking ill cut the head off it, soak in ppm for a while then re-plate it)

the mosses seem to be doing good, some of the cultures have formed a nice carpet

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