My random picture thread, cause why not lol


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I'm stoked to see how they look next year! though there's still 2-3 months to the growing season here. at this rate they might double again hehehehe... wonder if they'll flower? they're already putting out pitchers the same size as some that flowered this past spring hehehe


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i do use a lil fish food to help em along, but the Vigorous VFT catches it's own food and clumps like a SOG i seperated those 2 mother plants this year into like 15 pots or something? this one can already be divided into i think 6 plants easy? the other one has more but they are smaller (you can see in the background) but i think imma be lazy and leave em till spring!

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That's one of the very complex hybrids from "flowerboy" from a long time ago. Lost the names, just enjoy :p
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