Leaf cuttings

thinkin about taking a couple of leaf cuttings, one from my King Henry and the other from my regular flytrap. from what I've seen you peel the leaf off getting some rizone with it, because the rizone is where the new plant emerges from and the, the green part of the leaf is just for photosynthesis, I read you should set the soil up with the regular carno plant safe mixture, dip the end of the leaf the rizone in a small amount of plant hormone, some people say to lay the leaf on top, others say put the rizone under the dirt shallow! Figure It'll be a good experiment!!


Yup. Pick a very healthy leaf. Cut the trap off and pull the leaf down making sure to get as much white rizhome as possible. No hormone needed and just plant it in the cp mix vertically slightly deeper than the rizhome portion. And as always good luck ;)
Using a rooting hormone in moderation helps. Plus don't forget to give it lots of light and very high humidity. Occasionally open the container to give it fresh air to avoid mold. Keep us updated with your progress.


On my first try with this (August 1971) , I only had one leaf pull and still had success. I had no distilled water, so I just gathered some rainwater and no container so I just used an empty travelers plastic toothbrush case with just enough water inside to barely cover half of the leaf laying sideways and it sat on my bright sunny Alberta window sill without burning until the end of summer and ZINGO!! --With only water, it actually sprouted a new plant off its base! BTW, I believe that little white part at the base is really important. And I also believe if you can get one pulled with a tiny little root nub its all the better.