Hello from Hope BC


Hi i am fairly new to carnivorous plants , i also collect succulents and house plants, gardening love dirt in general lol
Just started on air plants
Funny story
I started collecting succulents in june 2019 i have over 200 hubby says no more i move on to house plants about 30 now hubby says no more
I move on to carnivorous plants hubby loves them i have terrarium now and seeds going with more coming lol guess i found ones he likes too

not alot of places by me to get them from though


Carson Hardy

Carnivorous Plant Addict
Thanks for sharing all those photos!

You have definitely come to the right place to expand your collection and knowledge, the people here have helped me alot in the last two years


I hope your hubby will not say "no more" to carnivorous plants anytime soon! ;)
Out of the 38 different carnivorous seeds so far 19 have germinated already including 3 of the sarrs

and i have 3 types of neps i am waiting to germinated with more coming lol