Hello from Bali, Indonesia :)

Hello everyone. Greetings from a new member here. I live in Denpasar, Bali (Indonesia). I’m new to CPs and trying to improve my knowledge.

My growing conditions:
  • Elevation +/- 4 MASL
  • Average temperature 26'C – 31’C (day), 24’C – 26’C (night)
  • Average annual relative humidity 69% - 80%
I'm growing my CPs outdoor (without greenhouse). Currently I've got several Nepenthes species & hybrid, some VFT, Drosera and Sarracenia purpurea. Beside CPs, I also grow some orchids (mostly Dendrobium).

Really glad I found this forum. Hope I could learn a lot from all the members. :D

Thank you.
Thank you, Jeff!

Unfortunately, I never grow ant plants and my knowledge about ant plants is completely zero. When I visit Bali Botanical Garden someday, I'll ask the staff over there. Maybe they could give me "short course/presentation" about ant plants in Bali (or Indonesia).

By the way, do you grow ant plants, Jeff?


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you know this spot :forest of Pengelipuran,Bangli.Bali here you have myrmecodia tuberosa 'rumphii' 'in situ' on the trees ;)

Indonesia, as a whole, is a land (the paradise) of ant plant .

yes I grow a lot of ant plant especially that of the genus rubiaceae .

see my web site( in french desolate) to 'myrmecophiles' you have some infos on this genus

Bonjour Jeff.

Yes, I know Penglipuran Village, located in Bangli Regency ( +/- 90 minutes of driving from my home in Denpasar). Maybe the forest that you mentioned located not far from Penglipuran Village itself. If I go there someday, hopefully I could see Myrmecodia tuberosa 'rumphii' in situ.

Thank you for the information, Jeff. I enjoyed your website as well. It's very informative! :)

Hope all your CP's and ant plants grow happily!


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please if you go to this spot and you see this species , can you send me some pictures .