Helis mainly but dews, VFT, few Neps, maybe Brochinia. Depend on my energy level.

Lloyd Gordon

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Make sure I have PM with full name and address.

Brackets indicate a group order

So far these are the people who have emailed in response to the above. I will update this as more emails come in. As mentioned above, the exact number of recipients depends on the Heli unpotting.

(@NicoleXPopa & Martin) Montreal
(@wsong & @Shine) @EMBE GTA pickup
@telkwasnowgirl Northern BC
@CP_loverrr @Rhino BC-only if there's leftovers as they were included in BC group order
@Trapper J Ottawa area


Welp. I don't want to disappoint you.

Here's my new Drosera 'Lloyd Gordon', shown here eating a moth:

He seems to be recovering nicely, especially considering what I did to him when potting. :oops: I removed his glass dome for the photo, but he can't stay outside for very long (yet?) without losing all his dew. Amazingly, the lost dew does come right back though, which makes him a good deal more resilient than most of my other sundews.

I love this little guy! He's like a koosh ball with koosh balls on his arms! :D

As an aside, I see now why my dews and pings never catch moths themselves, despite there being plenty around my apartment. The moths will just shed moth-dust flakes everywhere when they come in contact with any dew. I pre-killed this moth and *still* had a hard time getting it to stick on. I'm not sure it will be very nourishing. :(

And, um, there's also the heli:

Pic is attached as a thumbnail because I'm a bit embarrassed about how he's looking... which I might describe as "dry and sad". Now, to be fair, I don't really have a feel for how they're supposed to look, but I'm pretty sure he's drier and sadder than when he arrived here. :( He also lives under a glass dome other than for picture time, and the soil is pretty wet, so maybe he's just slow to recover or something? He also got a moth for supper last night, and he's living indoors in the brightest light I have to offer (which isn't really all that bright, to be fair).