Helis mainly but dews, VFT, few Neps, maybe Brochinia. Depend on my energy level.

Lloyd Gordon

Cactus micrografter newbie.
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Ok, I'm really thinking of doing this, soonish.
I want to keep packing, boxing and postage to a minimum.
Post will be Express Post, Canada Post.
Local pickup should be within 1 week of the order being ready (I will be available for pickup most times and days).
Local pickup (Toronto) and shared orders will get precedence.
You can use this thread to organize group orders (2 or more people).
When you have organized a group, make a group PM with all participants listed in the address area.
I will pack it up, one person from each group will pay me the full postage and I will ship to one address per group.
If there's stuff left over for individuals, I'll do my best.
This is going to be a bit much for me, so bear with me.
Any suggestions welcomed.


Well, um, I'm not quite sure how this group order-requesting of freebies thing works, but I'd love to get in on it. Vancouver.


My location near Don mills and sheppard intersection (Toronto ) if any one else around this area .. let’s get in touch.

Lloyd Gordon

Cactus micrografter newbie.
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Look for someone from your area in this thread. PM each other. If you can cooperate, PM me with all the names of the group included and we'll try to work it out.

Lloyd Gordon

Cactus micrografter newbie.
Staff member
A few small N. Bellii, some D. lanata (or lanata x paradoxa?), and what looks like D. natale that wandered into another pot. It's mostly for the Helis but once I'm shipping might as well put some other plants in. Might be some other subtropical dews depending how much time I have.


Hi Guys any one from North York and Richmond Hill area. I can get the plants from lloyd and distribute it. Please message me on this thank you.