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So have been looking at Heliamphora for a while because they are so pretty and have been debating on attempting to grow them. Wanted to know how you grow some of yours and what you think the lowest humidity they can be okay with? That is the hardest part for me I believe lol I can provide enough light, my apartment is usually at a steady 70°F (summer is maybe where I might worry) but it's usually at between 30%-40% humidity. Maybe should look into a terrarium? I know they also require a temp drop at night but I don't think I will have an problem, my closet and the downstairs portion of my apartment get pretty cool for some reason...
Any insights would be appreciated, along with any possible suggestions for hardy species. I'm not sure sure getting one, just doubling checking before I decide further :)


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I keep mine in a fishtank with an IP68 wet rated fan. I left the top off for a few days and they definitely suffered, lost some pitchers. I spray with water daily using a misting bottle. Night temps in summer were steady, maybe 2-3 c drop. In the winter it gets more like 6-7 c drop.

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I have a tall plastic terrarium with lots of vents. The top has two vents, each with a small 5V fan. The terrarium is on the floor to be further away from the lights (heat). It's in the basement so tends to be cool room temperature (warmer in the winter). The vents and fans lower the humidity so I spray thoroughly every night (lights on). Hybrids seem easier. "Nutans?" and minor pretty easy. Lots of flowers which sometimes get pods. Usually water pooling on the bottom to keep the plants watered + the spray.


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I have been working on this project/killing Heliamphora for a couple years now. Because I wish to have my plants displayed in the open for everyone to see.

For starters I grow my plants open in my living room. Temperatures are a steady 23 degrees, 12 hours light under two twenty watt I believe LED fixtures and open air humidity probably between 40-80%, I live on a wet island.

I have tried manny types of Heliamphora.
Heliamphora minor
Heliamphora pulchella
Heliamphora heterodoxa
Heliamphora hispida
Heliamphora ciliata
Heliamphora purpurascens
And probably some more I forgot as well as a couple hybrids

Most slowly faded away or just refused to grow BUT! Two are doing well for me those are Heliamphora ciliata and Heliamphora purpurascens. Heliamphora ciliata makes sense as it grows in more of a low land swamp environment rather than the summit of Tepuis.

Heliamphora purpurascens on the other hand definitely grows at the summits. I can’t explain why that one grows for me even flowers while other highland Helis fade.

That said I believe they could look better given a more humid environment. The tips of my pitchers turn brown and dry out after a couple weeks, it’s probable they would last longer otherwise.
Lot of great information thank you guys! Seems like my best bet is to look into a terrarium if I'm really interested in growing them. They might be a later project as my apartment is starting to limit me with space I have heard Heliamphora minor is a pretty hardy species but not sure I wanna risk it right now... Could get another Cephalotus I know will do well for around the same price lol
But will logging this info away for the future, thank you again!!

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My Heli experience has been fun...

At first, I provided bright light, daily misting, and no temperature control in a front opening fully sealed tank. Just the daytime lights running probably made a good drop. This worked well, I had a few flowers, bought more species, and enjoyed them immensely.

Less than a year later..

I stole that tank for frogs, and my heliamphora were orpahned to a poorly enclosed, never misted tote in the corner of my bedroom. Complete neglect. They suffered severely.

Another year and a bit later, after significant losses..

I found a great price on another front opening tank, covered the top in saran wrap, and blasted it with LEDs. No misting, just tray watering every few weeks. This is the setup that provided me with seeds! I made 3 crosses, and so far two have germinated. If I added misting, I have a feeling they would do much better. This setup goes dormant in the summer - they stop growing, and even die back a bit. But, as fall arrived here, and house temperatures dropped, they began to grow again! Every plant has new growth and one just popped a flower.

What works for me:
- no ventilation tank
- lots of light! Creates daily temp swings?
- tank is placed under a window which is always always open a little bit

What I think would help
- Add minor ventilation
- add daily misting
- weed out all those darned utricularia
- turn down the lights a bit.

Similar to Steve, the purpurascens has been the one to survive the harshest conditions. If you remind me closer to Christmas, I ca post some photos