Heliamphora minor var. minor - "Auyan Tepui" AW

Raymond Chong

Carnivorous Plant Addict
I always thought my Helis grew very slowly but as I was scrolling through my picture gallery today I noticed that this plant has changed quite a bit in the 2 months between pictures. If I didn't have the photographic evidence, I would not have believed the change.

1st picture was taken 14 Mar 2022
2nd picture was taken 12 May 2022



Raymond Chong

Carnivorous Plant Addict
If I had more room, I'd try more Helis. I'm loving the colours and love seeing how others have grown the different hybrids and species.

The second pot shown is growing new pitchers in both the back and the front. Pot is getting pretty crowded.
And the rumors are true.....Dros. capensis will find their way into everything. :p I keep my capensis on the top shelf and somehow a seed made it to this pot.