Heliamphora collina, formerly known as "H. sp. Foothill Testigos

Raymond Chong

Carnivorous Plant Addict
Plant courtesy of @Labine early April. I accidently broke off 1 pitcher unpackaging the plant which I placed into some water to see what will happen.
I prefer LFS and perlite for my Helis but only had peat moss, perlite and some orchid bark on hand. This plant seems to like it well enough currently and has picked up some growth steam for May.
I like how the growth emerges sideways and then grows upward.

May 1st

May 6

May 16

Raymond Chong

Carnivorous Plant Addict
When I received this plant back in April, a pitcher had broken off while I was unpacking it. I remembered an experiment that @WillyCKH had posted some time ago regarding rooting pitchers in water so popped this pitcher into a pot Willy sent me and then popped that into a take-out container with some water and then bagged it. I placed the whole thing at he back of the growing shelf and forgot about it. Come today, I was cleaning up some stuff and thought I'd take a peek expecting a glob much but was surprised to see a root.

Any thoughts on how long I should wait to try and pot this little guy up?