Guess the seeds and win!

Carson Hardy

Carnivorous Plant Addict
I recently collected some seeds!

The first person to guess BOTH correctly wins. Common name, or genus and species. I also reserve the right to announce a winner if they were 'close enough'

The winner will receive 25 of each seed in this photo, plus, the winner can choose some of my other seeds that I will list later (October Sarracenia harvest)


Goodluck, thanks for playing!

Carson Hardy

Carnivorous Plant Addict
And the winner is.... Atom, congratulations!

Please PM me for contact details (if you want some seeds) Plus, you will get to choose some seeds from my Sarracenia crosses made this spring/summer.

When I found these I thought it was funny, since they looked like similar to Heliamphora and Dionaea, so, I thought I'd have a little fun with it, and collected a few.

Tiger Lily (Lilium columbianum) and Wood Lily (Lilium philadelphicum)

Red Columbine (Aquilegia formosa)


I had a feeling those weren't Dionaea seeds. The shape was a bit off. The first seed was definitely not Heliamphora though.