Growing Darlingtonia in creek?


Hi, I just bought some darlingtonia seeds from Willy. I was wondering if once they get bigger I could grow them in a creek that's in my backyard? I think the soils mostly clay, I was wondering if they would grow if I made a little bog filled with peat. The water would flow over it.

I. Kirby


In creeks there is a lot of run off from other sources that may contaminate your water supply with mineral and/or chemicals that may or may not be harmful for your plants, it is safer to just grow your plants in a pot.
Also with darlingtonia in the summer i heard putting a ice cube on the soil helps.
If you can test your water for too much fertilizer, lime etc. I think it’s a good idea. The heat is maybe not the problem with Darlingtonia cultivation..

The oxygen level could be the culprit. In stagnant water there is always less free oxygen until there is none. Heat increases the problem, higher temperature in water means always less oxygen..

Suffocated roots kill the plant.

I would recommend mostly mineral substrate as is found in most Darlingtonia places. organic matter eats up the oxygen. Especially if there is some nitrogen present.


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I would give it a shot, ive realized that people tend to say they cant grow in nutrients etc, but i recently found a few type of utricularia growing in southern ontario in a lake filled with nutrients. So id say try and see what happens. Could be fun! Id grow the seeds a bit bigger before putting them in thought so they dont wash away. Good luck. Keep us posted