Good Trader and Nursery List

Not sure if there is another place for this but I just wanted to give my appreciation to Willy who has been constant in giving a 5 star service when it comes to plant orders and shipping. Top notch plants and service!


Thanks to StickIcky for the Drosera seeds and bonus!
As well a big thanks to Qi for hosting the BCP group order, really appreciate it!!


Carnivorous Plant Addict
Mr. @bonfield is such a amazing guy, I have placed 2 orders, all have been very impressive plant packed up with the most care and precise wrapping, I use his little tape labels on clear plastic with a tooth pick to make the best darn little labels, I cannot say enough about this guy A++!


The little neps I ordered from @bonfield arrived just yesterday, and it only took around two days! I was thoroughly impressed with the variety of nepenthes he had available, and the great prices he was selling them at for the quality of the plants. I also liked his innovation in the use of a cracker box that was barely a few millimeters wider than my mailbox to send them! :p Clever shipping.
Here are the little beauties all planted: