Going on vacation for a few days!

Guys and gals,

I will be heading to Montreal for about 5 days in June. I have a bunch of plants outside, but only one VFT. My question is this, What do I do about caring for it while I am away? Can I bring it with me possibly, and put it back outside in Montreal? or will that stress it out too much?

I would love some advice on what you guys do with your plants while you are away. Specifically the outdoor plants like mine. I mean, mine is small enough that I can bring it with me, as long as I won't be harming the plant in any way.

Thanks everyone,



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When I go out for vacation I prep my bog and planters with some absorbent fabric (white) from a fabric store and basically cut it and wrap it around the plants base but not covering any part of the plant just around the soil. Then water it regularly and leave. Last time I did this it was good for 2 weeks in the summer, just saying we did get rainy days which helped alot. I don't keep many potted plants outside but the ones I did I just flooded it in a container so the water level was 2 inches from the top, 5 inch high pot(which is not that good) You can also bag it and place it on a sunny windowsill then slowly acclimate it back when you come back.


I actually have never left my plants (indoor and outdoor) without adult supervision for more than a few days.... But I'd maybe bring it inside while you're gone - like Raymond said, you could bag it. For me, wildlife and less than ideal weather (either too hot or too wet or some other freak thing) are two main things to be really concerned about with potted plants that are outside. I wouldn't bring it with you in the car because I think that'd stress it out more than bringing it inside for a few days would...

Amanito Virosa

...hmm, I'm thinking that a single Dionaea Muscipula is probably not the best road trip companion. Save a hurricane, blast freeze, scorching melt, tsunami tidal wave, vicious monsoon, etc, all possible these days mind you, if you water it well before you leave it should fine. Five days is not an eternity for a Flytrap. Biggest possible pot always helps to alleviate these type of wonderings. If your Flytrap is in a three inch pot, in a plate for a water source you could be in trouble, but if your plant is in an eight inch pot or larger he won't even miss you while you're gone. Have a fun trip. Cheers!

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...in the early 90' I used to go to the States a lot. I used to stop at Lowe's (in Virginia, before Lowe's ever came to Canada), and various garden centres down the east coast of the US. I would buy all kinds of cool CP's, not available anywhere in Canada at the time and just put them on my dash and come back across the border. Lot's of times I was stopped and searched, for illegal substances I presume, but I was never questioned about the peculiar looking pots on my dash. That was a long time ago.