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Lloyd Gordon

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I stopped solid feeding years ago, going with MaxSea.
The last month or so, I switched back to freeze dried bloodworms. My dews have really responded, looking better than ever. My auriculata is over a foot long and my D. oreopodion looks great. So back to bloodworms for dews/pings/VFT's. Also trying the orangy fish granules for the pitchers.


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Even some fine dust, or if I use tweezers to place a small amount. They just hate grasshoppers lol. They might feed the grasshoppers some additional nutrients right before they freeze dry them to make them more nutritious for the lizards that eat them.
In my Terra time I used to ad some vitamins and extra calcium-carbonate for the lizards. Thank you for the reminder, this could be a cause.

Lloyd Gordon

Cactus micrografter newbie.
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You can see the mould on the adelae and x Andromeda but it doesn't seem to hurt the plants.
The other dews are really responding to the bloodworms, growth spurts flowering or both. Same with the Pings. I'm not even sneezing much anymore. If the plants are tiny I use the dusty stuff in the b/w container.
The VFT's seem to be growing more.
I'm using the colour bits in the Heli's/Ceph's/Nep's. For the Sarr's, I'm still using MaxSea as the pitchers are dry.

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I'd add that my Drosera hate dried grasshopper. I think it's too nutritious for them?
@Muckydoo - Have you tried the canned grasshoppers for your Nep's, Ceph's, Heli's, VFT's and maybe Sarr's? They're really nutritious. The only thing I don't like is the horrible "rotten fish" smell. No sneezing, just gagging LOL. The grasshoppers need to be snipped into tiny pieces for small plants, larger chunks for mature traps. The "juice" is excellent for traps too small for solid food. The tin requires refrigeration. This a treat for my CP's. every 3 - 5 weeks. Mostly they're fed a rotation of dried bloodworms, mealworms, fish pellets, and Betta flakes (for the Drosera and Pings). Very dilute Maxsea monthly. Everything is growing well. I try to locate any dropped food bits to avoid mold, maybe the springtails are helping with that. ;)