darlingtonias for trade


Hi everyone, I've decided to repair my old greenhouse to house my rekindled interest in CPs ... and will be looking to buy/ trade plants that you have extras of. I've about a half dozen darlingtonia , some oreophila x flava crosses, a bunch of drosera weeds (mostly binata forms and spathulata) I'm willing to trade for your plants. I'm looking for some nice sized VFTs, highland neps, any nice red form sarracenia... Thank you

Attached is an old photo of my backyard showing my pond with overflow into my bog, where darlingtonia, sarracenia & various drosera spp thrive. The top right photo is my lean-to greenhouse (next to my pond) which is now being rebuilt as a result of the rotting timber.

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 12.24.58 PM.jpg