[Closed] Seeds,Carnivores & More Group Order 2020?


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@WillyCKH Was thinking maybe come spring time that we could order from "Seeds,Carnivores and More?" They don't have a website but do have a PDF with a huge selection of plants and seed. Here is a current 2019 list but may change when spring 2020 comes. One list is a list of Seeds and other is list of Plants.


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Anyone is interested in a group order for seeds? :)
Hoping to!! I have a vague idea how group orders work but how exactly does this work?
Do I have to pay for shipping separately? or is it split? Do we pay for our own seeds or is that split as well?


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You'd be paying for your own items plus the shared shipping cost.
One of the advantages of joining a group order is that it would be easier to unlock a discount (if applicable, like for this vendor) because the order total would be higher.