[Closed] Labflytrap Group Order 2019 Spring


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Labflytrap Group Order 2019 Spring

Website 1
(bulk mini plants in bags):
Website 2 (individual mini cultures in tubes):

Example image from 2018 Group Order:

Sign-up deadline:
22nd March

Estimated payment deadline:
25th March

Planned order date:
27th March

Estimated timeline:
1) Order is finalized and processed by end of March
2) Phyto certificate and inspection is finished by 12th April
3) Shipment is ready and sent by 15th April
4) Shipment arrives in Canada by 26th April
5) Custom process and inspection is done by 1st May
6) Package arrives to Willy by 3rd May
7) Sorting, re-plating are done by 6th May
8) Packages are sent to group order participants by 7th May
9) Packages arrive to participants by 10th May

Shared items for this group order:
+ Phyto certificate
+ S/H, fastest express shipping from CZ to CA
+ Inspection fees (if applicable)
+ Custom fees (if applicable)

Non-shared items:
+ Your ordered items
+ Taxes (varies depending on the estimation from Custom agent, but usually close to 12%-15% of your ordered value)
+ Currency exchange fee and paypal fee
+ Shipping cost from Willy to you

As any group order, there is always a chance of DOA, and unexpected complications such as delay or Custom being more difficult than usual.
If you can not accept any loss or complications that could potentially happen, please do not join the group order.

Group order perks:
+ Experienced group order organizer
+ Free re-plate upon arrival to refresh your plants!
+ Import permit fee is covered by Willy!
+ PM updates

Important notes:
+ You can select items from both website 1 and 2.
+ Participating members will share all the shipping and fees equally (from CZ to CA).
+ Payment will be expected prior to fully processing the order, in CAD.
+ No cancelling once you have paid the estimated amount.

Payment options:
+ Paypal (friend option only!)
+ E-transfer/ E-interac

Sign-up now:
If you are interested, please PM me the list of items and the quantities you would like to get, before the sign-up deadline.


Hey Willy, I might be interested, from past experience, how many plants usually come in the small tubes? It's probably variable...but lets say for drosera or nepenthes?


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We have 4 people signed up now, including myself! :D
PM me to sign up!

Shared items from 2018 for reference:
Fedex Express $60EUR
Phyto certificate $30EUR
Fedex ROD fee $12CAD
Import clearance fee $16CAD


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5 members signed up, including myself.
One more day before the deadline for signing up, please PM me if you have any questions.


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I'll have the approximated amount calculated to be paid by 27th for each participating member tomorrow.


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Package has arrived. Only one DOA (mine)! Everything has been smooth, a big thank you to all the participating members!