[Closed] BCP Group Order 2019 Spring


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BCP Group Order 2019 Spring
Ready for Spring? Want to kick-start your CP collection? Getting itchy for new rare carnivorous plants?
Well, consider joining this group order! :)

Please send me your list ASAP, and prepare money on Paypal or e-transfer; we aim to summit the order by June 1st.


Example image from 2018 Group Order:

Sign-up deadline:
May 31st

Estimated payment deadline:
May 31st

Planned order date:
June 1st

Group Order Limitation:
$1000EUR total
Avoid CITE plants to reduce custom complications

Shared items for this group order:
+ Phyto certificate
+ S/H, fastest express shipping option from CZ to CA
+ Inspection fees (if applicable)
+ Custom fees (if applicable)

Non-shared items:
+ Your ordered items
+ Taxes (usually close to 12%-15% of your ordered value depending on the estimation from Custom agent)
+ Currency exchange fee and paypal fee
+ Shipping cost from Willy to your Canadian address

As any group order, there is always a chance of DOA, and unexpected complications such as delay or Custom being more difficult than usual.
If you can not accept any loss or complications that could potentially happen, please do not join the group order. If you are planning to place a relatively large order and maybe it's new to you, please check out the Caveat Emptor first.

Group order perks:
+ Experienced group order organizer
+ Import permit fee is covered by Willy!
+ Group message frequent updates
+ Trade with other participants, or share portions with each other!
+ Add items from CPSC seed bank, or LGMplants.ca to combine the shipping fee! (sorry, shameless advertising!)

Important notes:
+ We aim to place the order as soon as the list comes out, so the deadline is tight!
+ Participating members will share all the shipping and fees equally (from CZ to CA).
+ Payment of your order value will be expected prior to fully processing the order, in CAD.
+ No cancelling once you have paid the estimated amount.
+ When submitting your list to me, please include a screenshot of both your items and bonuses.
+ No return, no exchange, no refund after the group order is submitted and finalized.
+ To make sure our group order gets processed quickly, we will agree to this option: "Substitute one species by another (similar)".
+ If you are looking for bonuses, please calculate 20% of your total, and round down to the nearest integer. The items with a * beside them are eligible as bonus on this page: http://www.bestcarnivorousplants.net/index.php?node=price-list

Payment options:
+ Paypal (friend option only!)
+ E-transfer/ E-interac

Sign-up now (Closed, thank you for the support):
If you are interested, please:
1) Leave a comment on this thread
2) PM me the list of items or a screenshot of both your items and bonuses; alternatively, you may provide a budget and plant types that you are looking for, and let Willy picks for you.

Main Updates:
6/1 - First payments are collected
6/1 - Group order is submitted
6/3 - Order is confirmed and is paid for
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Willy!! Are you trying to make us bankrupt?! :mad:

Edit: Posted too soon; not interested until I see what BCP has to offer...
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Does anyone have a copy of previous years' lists? I feel like there was one floating around somewhere...


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My D. magifica didn't make it, perhaps I should try it again (if available this year), anyone wants to share a portion with me? :)


Awfully curious if anyone has bought nep ventricosa cream pitchers from BCP before? Are pitchers really white with red lip?


I'm really interested in this depending on what's available. I have a very specific list of what I'm looking for currently