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Carnivorous Plant Addict
Yowzer! Willy's TLC box arrived today. What an absolute treat. Everything was in sealed packages and all healthy. That was a tremendous amount of care and work. There are some plants I'm unfamiliar with. The lost tag ones are tricky so I'm appealing to our forum experts to ID in general so I can place them in the correct medium, light and water. What a great learning experience for a relative noob!

Here's a pic of the box contents: N.gracilis, d. paradoxa, Brocchina reducta (new to me) and bug spray. Pots A to E are unfamiliar. Boggy types I believe, perhaps Utricula. There's a stowaway VFT and maybe a Nepenthes or Ceph. Suggestions are appreciated. I want these little charmers to grow.

Thank you so much Willy!

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Pots A to E
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Willy knows his stuff.