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Was gone for almost two weeks, and came home to a very robust growing nepenthes. It came from Willy as a freebie once as a tiny dime sized seedling. Either vietchii or vielardii.

As some people know... I'm bad at labelling my plants. But, here it is! In all its quick growing glory, two or three basals starting


Carson Hardy

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I recently dove deep into the older ocps forum and saw some great photos. This has urged me to share some more of my collection...

This young guy germinated back in May, so roughly 6months old? Showing interesting colour already - (Viking x rafflesiana) x kampotiana

I have kind of seen a vibe of people preferring the species versus hybrids... Why?


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Carson Hardy

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Nice explanation Lloyd, I guess I see why... It's like the frog world, where crosses are not only not liked, but very much hated on.

Thanks Willy, I guess I'll have to label it that then! I swear it started with a v and ended in I. But, the previous owner probably knows best! Labelling now, promise.

Carson Hardy

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My first heli flower in the making! Got this guy from lloyd. It died all the way back, I thought it ddidnt make the shipping, then it started to grow new pitchers, and then this! Yay? Looks like 2 flowers will pop out.

Also looking for input on my light intensity. Do I have too much? The Adele behind the heli was doing well until I changed the lights, and look how red these other dews are... The little guys have no see, and seem especially red... Thoughts? Temps spike at 28, average day temps are 25, and night temps are 18 - 20 depending on how wide open my door is.

Hmmm, they look much 'dewyer' in the photo than they do in person...

Carson Hardy

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Fruit flies have been their staple up untill recently. I have flightless fruit flies for my frogs, and I just dumped hundreds and hundreds into the domed 1020 tray every few days over the course of a few weeks. If you look closely, you can see all the corpses. See the new photo for how I feed baby traps.


hmmmmm now how to slip them past the wife hehehe
I was thinking of getting wax worms for my traps