Bog cranberry


I’m thinking of trying my hands at growing this plant. Does anyone know where I might get a cranberry plant? Do they sell them in garden centres?


I have a very similar photo from this year! The ones in mine are Vaccinium macrocarpon. Much bigger than the more common Vaccinium oxycoccos we usually find. V.macrocarpon is the species most common in cultivation and is not thought to be native to B.C.

These were found in a small bog on one of the smaller Gulf Islands. It's a mystery as to how they ended up there. Was it from a deliberate human introduction or could it possibly have been dispersed by a bird that fed on cultivated cranberries somewhere?

While on the topic of cranberries, I recently acquired the amazing dwarf cranberry cultivar Vaccinium macrocarpon 'Hamilton' this year. I have wanted to grow it for years. I'll root some cuttings to share when it gets bigger.