Baby Pings (noid) and More -- Round 2!


It's now several weeks later, and I have *this many* baby NOID pings to get rid of:

For reference purposes, the parent plant is looking nice and pink these days:

Please take these off my hands folks! Even if I've already given you some. :p

If anyone wants them, I also have two baby Nepenthes 'St. Gaya's, and one baby Sarracenia NOID (from Canadian Tire a few years ago, so it won't be anything very fancy). All are leftover bits from repotting incidents, but have developed roots and are making new leaves now, so I have declared them as being graduated to full "plant" status and ready to go off to their forever homes.

Everything is still conveniently small enough to be shipped cheaply, so I'll cover the shipping cost myself.

Edit: The neps and sarr are all claimed. Still got lots of baby pings available though.
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Nice color on the parent plants, the baby I got from you is putting on some colors but not sure what color because is still pretty small, now I know, lol