Baby Pings (noid) and More -- Round 2!


Baby pinguicula for 7+ people, baby Nepenthes 'St. Gaya' for 1 person.

So I've got a bunch of baby pinguicula (noid, probably from somewhere warm), and nowhere to keep them all.

I can't bring myself to murder them, so if folks wanted to take some of these off my hands, you would basically be doing me a favor. Maybe eventually someone will even ID them. I figure I ought to mail them off before they get big enough to make the shipping expensive. Some of them aren't quite ready though, so I'm intending do two rounds of shipping if there's demand for it. ie, I'll offer these again in a few weeks, but for now I can send freebie pings to the first 7 takers. I would be absolutely shocked if I didn't have enough baby pinguicula to go around to everyone who wants some in the end.

For reference, here's what a slightly more established version of this same ping looks like. It can definitely color up more too, if given more light than what I have available.

Separately, I have an extra baby Nepenthes 'St. Gaya' from a basal offshoot that I knocked off in a repotting incident a while ago; it now has roots, new leaves, and its own even tinier basal offshoot -- but it is still very small.

I don't really have room to keep another St Gaya, and I (again) don't know what else to do with it, so I'll offer it up as a sacrifice to the internet.

If multiple people want this one I'll give preference to nepenthes noobs, since St Gaya is a super beginner-friendly cultivar. They'll tolerate a lot of mistreatment, but they still make really beautiful plants with really beautiful pitchers. That said, it'll probably be a year or two before this one gets to the size where it can start putting out pitchers with that classic St Gaya look.


Also, *ahem*, nobody's asked for the nepenthes yet. Just saying.

Edit: Okay, people have asked for the nepenthes now. :p
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I have sent live plants internationally (no permits) and all the plants got through ok. However it's always a risk and I would only do it on a special basis. If I had n plants to mail and n Canadians wanted them, they would get precedence over out of country people.


If you have any left I'd love a ping or two :) Happy to send a SASE if that helps, or possibly pick up if you prefer (I'm in N. Burnaby). I've got a lava rock ready, just need more pings to put on it.


Alright, the pings (and two nepenthes) have all been sent out. 10 people served. :)

I'm out of baby pings for now, but I still have some developmental stragglers. Not sure how many of the remainders will manage to turn into full-fledged plants, but (as mentioned above) I'm expecting to be able to offer a few more a couple weeks from now.


Thanks @spiffyzha! I have the babies potted in a mix of approx. 70/30 perlite and peat, with a little bit of worm castings from my vermicompost bin (as others have posted success with a similar mix here). They're growing daily, next to my p. esseriana.

The 2nd shot is of my own baby p. esserianas. Because the worm castings are made from our kitchen scraps, there is of course a volunteer NOID tomato that popped up, as they do everywhere I mix in my compost :rolleyes: Note to all - don't mix in melon or tomato seeds in compost, unless you really want 8 million melon and tomato seedlings of unknown origin and hybrid...