Aquascaping and growing aquatic plants is what actually got me into growing carnivorous plants and terrestrial plants in general!
Sweet! What plants did you have in your aquarium? And do you still have it? I had the basics like java fern and anubias. And some others I forget the name of.

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I used to have a 180 gallon (top tank only) saltwater tank. It was alot of fun! But alot of work... So I sold it :(. I hope that one day I'm rich and can have a way bigger system, and automate it better, as it was such a fun thing to play with, and just watch. Who needs a television


What plants did you have in your aquarium?
I have a lot of different species and cultivars, I could make a grow list if you're actually interested in specifics :)

and yeah, I have 5 tanks set up right now, but I'll be tearing 2 down to turn into setups for smaller cp's
Holy Crap that’s a lot. I had no where near that many species. I also had a bristlenose pleco so algae wasn’t a big issue. I think I want to go big with carnivorous plants but I may get one tank after i get my CP’s set up and get some more.
that tank looks awesome! Sucks that you had to sell it. Maybe you could try propagating and selling your CP’s! I wish I had a tank that big but I’m worried about my floors and it is wayyyy out of my budget. That’s what I like about CP’s. They are inexpensive and don’t require much care.


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I've kept and bred all sorts of fish in the past. I have some thoughts of getting a planted tank going now.