Any new group orders for 2019?

Anyone ( ie the moderators /admin) planning to do any group orders this year..? ( Vancouver area)I myself wanted a couple of Venus flytrap cultivars (dc like, a15)I was planning maybe to just order one plant and have it shipped to point Roberts or something. I think if you make it bear roots and declare it, customs will let one go. I know with corals, they are harsher without the proper CITES paperwork. If a group order,, which in my opinion has the best vat cultivar selection , they would send tissue culturewith the certificate. Would be nice if the group order, we can all share some of the tissue culture and build ones collection as well as having a brood kept by other members in case yours dies. Anyone have prior orders with them .?


I ordered vft and ceph. from them about two years ago. Order took a while for them to be sterile culture. I have also ordered multiple vft seed packs. I have never had any issues and seed was always fresh.