a update on trasplanting your helies or sending in post

John Yates

Carnivorous Plant Addict
Hi guys happy new year, a few new posts for 2023 wow that come round quick huh :).

ok will share with you all or who wants to read some interesting stuff I have come to do with my helis , think i have posted in other posts my use of Mycorrhizal fungi, ones i use are Great white and MycoGold now mixing them together 50/50 mix, working well for me ,first putting into you pots for great root growth , i put the powder dirct on top of the potting mix and just water in very slowly , not recommended with live shphag its dont like it,way to strong for live spag ,as most of my post of helis are akadama and perlite now ,and sphag on top i just lift the sphag up and apply and water in put sphag back works well , this applys for neps cephs and helis for me.
When spliting helis from a larger plant, I soak the sections in a mix or solution of Mycorrhiza @ 5 gm to1 liter of tempered water, soaking the lower half of the split plants if it cover the whole plant section that fine too no harm to the plants at all , soak in grow area under 20c temps no higher, for 5 to 6 hrs then transplant into you mix, with splits i prefer live sphag and perlite until the section gets going then can transplant when its fully growing again in a season or so, feed the pitchers each week for quicker growth of plant and roots.
for transport or post you call shipping ,i do the same porcess,of depotting and soaking the plant in the mycorrhiza solution , this helps with plants health in transit and a quicker repot settling in for the reveiver,they will thank for it later, for a healthy plant received,as long as it was healthy when posted :).

feed your pitchers there very hungry plants and beifit greatly from weeking or fortnightly feeds ,the use of the Mycorrhiza and feeding will increase the growth rate and health of your heli greatly .