1. Z

    Spotted/diseased leaves on N. hamata

    I fishing for some opinions on the spotted leaves I'm getting on one of my N. hamata. I'm not sure if this is a fungal infection or not, I've been spraying the plant down with BioAdvanced 3 in 1 but it seems like it doesn't help much. The plant seems to be pitchering fine though. It also...
  2. Dogrem

    Nepenthes to sell

    Hi guys, I have a few Nepenthes to sell. veitchii Pa'Umor (SG) [only 1] - $68 veitchii Hose Mountains MT [only 2] - $68 fusca ‘Red’ - $57 dactylifera (was N. faizaliana) [only 1] - $40 bicalcarata (Marudi) [only 1] -$40 LVB x (northiana x maxima) - $25 Petiolata - $25 (glandulifera x boschiana)...
  3. KingLouisCLXXII

    ISO Drosera & Nepenthes Seeds

    Hi everyone :) I'm currently looking for Drosera and Nepenthes seeds. Looking for seeds only, not plants. Happy to pay/buy/trade but gifts are greatly appreciated :p For Drosera I'm currently only looking for tropical/sub-tropical and except for the following(Different locales/varieties is...
  4. ekmek

    ekmek's plants

    I figured I'd make one thread to dump all my photos into instead of clogging the board up with threads for each plant. Will be a mix of older and newer photos as well as some reposts of my IG posts :) Here are some photos to get me started: Heliamphora minor (Auyan Tepui) Nepenthes x Gaya...
  5. Corpse

    Could this be the answer?

    Biorb recently showcased their new “terrarium” model. this thing is WILD! if any of you have time to read or look over the specs and features I’m sure you will find it quite interesting. Would love to hear everyone’s thought and/or concerns about it. In all honesty… so many possibilities...
  6. Eupholous

    Fall Plant Sale

    Hey there fellow enthusiasts! I have a couple plants for sale before it gets too cold this year. :). There are only 2-3 of each plant so, the first messages I receive get first dibs on plants. Shipping is $20 in Canada, unless otherwise agreed upon. Pick-up is in Kitchener, ON. Heliamphora...
  7. Dogrem

    Nepenthes black spot

    Hi all, My n. ventricosa (the one that had the stem rot) has black spot on leaves. It's not on new leaves but after 2 weeks they are covered with it, mostly under the leaves. Since the leaves are sticky, that could be as simple as poor airflow creating mold... Especially since my Cepha and Utri...
  8. Jenowens

    Help after High-TDS damage to Nepenthes and Sundews

    Hi all - new member and some new to my family plants here. I picked up a few that seemed to have a little salt-burn on the tips, and it got worse before it got better (they got some too-high-TDS water for a week or so before I started using snow water!) I have 2 Nepenthes and 2 sundews (actually...
  9. bumblinBee

    Pests! Thrips?!

    Hello, I'm hoping I can get some advice. I've got a few carnivorous plants and my most recent purchase, a nepenthes pitcher plant, has brought with it an infestation of what I believe to be thrips! I don't have much experience with plant pests in general, and absolutely none when it comes to...
  10. Chen

    Plants for sale or trade (2023)

    Hi everyone, I am offering the following plants for sale or trade. For Nepenthes, they will be roughly ~3 inches/7-8 cm in leaf span and will have a few good pitchers on them. All other plant sizes will be listed in the tables below or upon inquiry. Photos are available upon request. I am...
  11. Mary

    Various Plants For Sale

    These are extras (seed grown, except for the nepenthes) from my hobby collection. Pick up in Waterloo, Ontario or can arrange for shipping to elsewhere in Canada (generally around $25 but will be calculated depending on location). $5/ Nepenthes ventrata - UNrooted cuttings $10/ Drosera...
  12. S

    Carnivorous Plant Sale (Nicks Nightmare Nursery)

    Hi everyone! I have some less-commonly offered carnivorous plants for sale available on my website right now. Stuff like brocchinia, some petiolaris dews, and so on. Feel free to check them out through the link below! This...
  13. u. longifolia

    Is it normal to have a black brown stem for N. Ventricosa?

    I ordered a large sized N. Ventricosa online and when i noticed that the stem was brown-blackish.
  14. Dogrem

    Trade or Sell N. Mirabilis

    Hi all :) My Mirabilis need a new home... like a more humid home like a greenhouse or a growing chamber. The plant is healthy but as it overgrown the jar, it's stopped pitchering. But I know that when it will be in a humid enough place, it will pitcher again as it never skipped a single pitcher...
  15. ekmek

    Looking for Sarracenia Purpurea and Lowland Nepenthes.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone had any S. purpurea or lowland Nepenthes they were looking to part with. I'm located in NB.
  16. ekmek

    LED Aquarium light for Nepenthes?

    Hey guys, so I have an aquarium light (SBREEF Freshwater) I don't plan to use on my tank anymore and I was wondering if it would be sufficient for nepenthes and things like Cephalotus. The light is a 165 watt RGB led light and was measured as pushing 266 PAR at 30inches from the light through...
  17. Dogrem

    Selling Nepenthes in Manitoba?

    Hi all, If anybody that live in Manitoba want to sell some Nepenthes, I might be interested :) It's kind of a long shot, but you never know! ;) Have a great day guys and stay safe.
  18. M

    INDOOR LIGHTING GUIDE: All you need to know for lighting your carnivorous plants indoors

    the info on these forums has helped me quite a bit, so I felt its time to contribute. This guide should help you in purchasing the right light for your plants. I know there is a lot of info out there about lights, but most of it is scattered about. I wanted to write this all-in-one guide for...
  19. TrEv

    Flower on a rootless nepenthes

    This nepenthes is a cutting that I've had since december. It hasn't produced any roots yet and still only has one pitcher on it. But now I think it's producing a flower. Should I be worried about the plant? Should I cut the flower?