1. K

    Debating on locations for 2 Sarracenias

    Just bought two sarracenia's, an S. X Juthatip soper, and an S. minor. I got two spots available, one with better lighting and high humidity, and the other one with merely adequate lighting and humidity. Both are window spots supplemented by artificial lighting. Which one should get the prime...
  2. ekmek

    LED Aquarium light for Nepenthes?

    Hey guys, so I have an aquarium light (SBREEF Freshwater) I don't plan to use on my tank anymore and I was wondering if it would be sufficient for nepenthes and things like Cephalotus. The light is a 165 watt RGB led light and was measured as pushing 266 PAR at 30inches from the light through...
  3. M

    INDOOR LIGHTING GUIDE: All you need to know for lighting your carnivorous plants indoors

    the info on these forums has helped me quite a bit, so I felt its time to contribute. This guide should help you in purchasing the right light for your plants. I know there is a lot of info out there about lights, but most of it is scattered about. I wanted to write this all-in-one guide for...