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  1. MimiStew24

    Peat moss from whole sale stores safe?

    I’ve have always got my peat moss off the forum…I’m wondering is the peat moss you can get from crappy tire or Lowe’s etc safe for CPs? I live in Toronto.
  2. MimiStew24

    Lighting distance for neps.

    My neps are very healthy and happy but their leaves very sun ran. I had lights sitting on top of pexi glass and now have raised them 6 inches above Lights roughly 1 and half feet from the plants. How does the look? Too much distance?
  3. MimiStew24


    Was absolutely blown away on how beautiful Canada is especially western Canada in mountain land. My soul touched another realm. lake Louise & Lake Moraine
  4. MimiStew24


    Been on vacation to Calgary/Banff! Wish I spent more days in Banff but managed to bust out some moderate trails with fantastic views!
  5. MimiStew24


    My Ping Ehlerisae From Few weeks looking good!
  6. MimiStew24


    I’ve got some Northern Prickly Pear growing in our Rock garden and boy is it prickly lol Fantastic cacti to grow OUTSUDE in Canada. Native. North American. Takes a punch too. -40C lol Blooms in summer. Fruit are edibles.
  7. MimiStew24


    If any of you guys are interested in health / supplements you must take mother nature’s food and I highly recommend ivd tried all supplements and all Are genetic & modified and don’t know nothing for the body I welcome you to MUSHROOMS - not your normal supermarket ones. And mountain herbs...
  8. MimiStew24


    Had my Heli Minor since September 2020 from @WillyCKH He’s finally Grown a new Green Pitcher. Very Slow grower, recently just re planted in mixture of Flavral Spec, Lava Rock, Peat Moss. :) Sep 2020 June 2021
  9. MimiStew24


    Probably only soccer maniac in this forum despite a CP maniac lol LETS GOO ENGLAND! My flags are up! I was born in England and lived most of my livd until 4 years ago I Immigrated to Canada :)
  10. MimiStew24

    Rhododendron in bloom!

    Took 9K walk today with the wife to edward gardens in Toronto. The Rhododendron was on full display :p Very invasive species has to be controlled in safe environment lol
  11. MimiStew24

    Connor’s Flytraps

    Just become a proud owner of my first Flytrap thanks to Carson. Seems very happy in this set up amongst some Dews. i can't believe how quick these 2 guys gobbled up a large carpenter ant each lol.
  12. MimiStew24

    Carson’s CPs buys

    Huge gratitude and thanks to Carson Sending me some beautiful Nepenthes Amps and hybrids! Will be posting once arrived! Highly reccomend if you want some Amp species! Thank you sir @Carson Hardy
  13. MimiStew24

    Is this mold on my Nep?

    Wondering what this could be? I’ve never experienced anything like this on my Nep. Looks fungal? All my other Neps are not like this. Cheers guys!
  14. MimiStew24


    I’m huge of fan of birds and being from England my bird pedigree for identification is very good and use to go out each week with a pair of binoculars, since immigrated to Ontario I’m not familiar with Ontario birds. I’m after a field guide with detailed “info about the species, season...
  15. MimiStew24

    Temperature and Lighting

    I’m interested in the science stuff behind LEDs and temperature and what it can do to your plants etc The ambient temperature in my terria during day is around 21C with 80% humidity! My Question is - SINCE my lights are on top of my terria Will heat from my lights penetrate through the pexi...
  16. MimiStew24

    Plant rack stand for terria bottom?

    Does anyone know where I could possibly get some kind of rack for My plants to sit on for bottom of terria. I’m after like rack like where you would put dishes on but flat and holes through it ideal square looking so my water CPs can still grow and light gets through, and couple inches above my...
  17. MimiStew24

    Arts & Crafts

    CRYSTAL GEODES. Hey guys if any of you are into artsy stuff here’s a really cool crafty thing to make. Me and my wife had fun making these crystal Geodes out of hot glue gun and cylinder glue sticks and Paint and a sharply pen and they look really realistic lol too finish them off put nail...
  18. MimiStew24

    Rafflesia Arnoldii FLOWER -

    Welcome to the modern day of the Triffid without the carnivorous effect Rafflesia flower is quite something!! Amazes me! Found in Borneo where our fellow pitcher friends are found! Rafflesia flower is entirely PARASITIC which means no roots or leaves or stem, can grow 3 foot wide in diameter...
  19. MimiStew24


    Toronto snowfall Grabbed anything for snow
  20. MimiStew24


    HERES SNEAK PEAK OF THR NEW CALENDAR FROM WILLY! Please get yours today from @WillyCKH Once again thank you for putting this together Willy!