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  1. Hal


    I haven't kept them since pretty much all species were dendrobates. Azureus? 24 varieties of Tinctorius? I don't even recognize some species now.
  2. Hal

    Dipsacus fullonum ssp. sylvestris (Fuller's teasel)

    We have some on a patch of meadow where a barn used to sit. Every fall I collect the heads for someone or other. I had no idea they might be carnivorous.
  3. Hal

    Halifax source

    I tell my grandkids that they only get to set off one fly trap and touch one leaf of the mimosa, or they'll sit there all day playing with them. Occasionally it works.
  4. Hal


    Very nice, Lloyd. Are the Astrophytum asteria hybrids or the species type?
  5. Hal

    sarracenia storage

    Where will it be stored? How cold will it get? As long as it doesn't freeze solid all the way through it should be good. Even then, I've had some of the hardier sarrs survive outside in frozen pots all winter.
  6. Hal

    Flowering D. spatulata pictures and a question

    The stalk in your photo looks too young to harvest seeds from. They need to be dry and brown. Then you'll find if you carefully take one off and turn it upside down you'll get tiny black seeds, usually elongated. I used to cut the whole stalk off onto a blank sheet of 8-12 x 11 paper then tap...
  7. Hal

    Pings and Fungus Gnat Question

    Some greenhouse hobbyists who grow plants other than CPs keep a few pings to keep fungus gnats down. I found my big sloppy moranensis caught the most.
  8. Hal

    Is this soil ok for carnivorous plants?

    I've always used the bales of pure peat. They're cheap and easy, but might be too big if you don't have a car or a yard.
  9. Hal

    A million cephalotus cuttings

    It's always good to have backups! Nice work.
  10. Hal

    D. adelae needs to smile soon.

    Still looks viable. I had most success with adelae under lights in a cool basement. The plant pot was in a glass tank with a glass top and just a few inches open either end for ventilation.
  11. Hal

    Guess the seeds and win!

    Pitchers and traps.
  12. Hal


    Do you scoop out the seeds and that liquid/gel around them first?
  13. Hal

    Look what I found today!

    If they're from Hawaiian Botanicals, they should be good, healthy plants.
  14. Hal

    Do Pitchers need water to digest insects?

    I think burning out and dying is part of the life cycle of a pitcher.
  15. Hal


    Last year I canned a lot of tomatoes, but I also put some in bags and froze them. When you thaw them, the skins slide right off and a lot of the water comes out of them. Makes them easier to process. I also have one of those mills to separate the seeds and skins.
  16. Hal


    I've been letting more of our property go back to meadow rather than mowing the whole lot and the increase in the number of snakes is surprising. Only garter snakes so far but they're a very blue morph. I can usually find one hiding under the squash leaves in my garden.
  17. Hal


    No. The big ones. Brads is pretty big for a grape tomato, too. Today’s haul. Gazpacho for dinner.
  18. Hal


    My cup runneth over with tomatoes. I can’t recommend “Brad’s Atomic Grape Tomato”. It takes forever to mature, it’s very difficult to tell when it’s ripe and the skin is tough. Nice sweet taste, though. The Brandywine are far superior.
  19. Hal

    When do I remove seedlings from Sphagnum Moss?

    I used to wait until I could see a tiny rosette of true leaves. Maybe 5 leaves, all green.
  20. Hal

    Pinguicula "El Mirador"

    Nice work! The ability to make lots of new pings fairly quickly is one of the things I love about this genus.