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  1. daniella3d

    Sarracenia camisole, Hurricane creek white

    Sarracenias camisole is awesome this year. I did not expect this plant to become so big. I thought it was more like Jutatip soper or Judith hindle but it's nearly 2 feet high and huge pitchers. It's a beautiful sarracenia with huge lid extending far outside the mouth. With time the top become...
  2. daniella3d

    Sarracenias for sale

    UPDATE: I have 3 flava coppertop, 3 chelsony and 4 oreophila for sale. Hi, I have a few sarracenias for sale: Chelsony 3x Oreophila 7x The oreophila are 10$ each and the chelsony are 15$ each, plus shipping is usually around 20$ to 25$. They are all adult and blooming size and many have...
  3. daniella3d

    First flower bud on 20 months old seedling

    I know it's probably nowhere near a record, but one of my 20 months seedling is producing its first flower bud. It was in the grow tent, and I brought it outside 2 weeks ago, and it started growing a flower. pretty cool! It's a red moorie. I guess I should cut if off?
  4. daniella3d

    Painting and pastel work - wildlife

    Hi everyone, Here are a few of my pastel paintings. I do a lot of wildlife photography but I also like to paint and draw. Lion and manul portrait in pastel, on velour paper, 9 x 12''. Acrylic painting of a tiger portrait
  5. daniella3d

    seedling producing phylodias

    One of my seedlings is producing phylodia instead of pitchers. should I put it into dormancy this winter? I was planning to continue the 24/7 light but the plant seem to want something else? what should I do with it? it's the only one doing this out of my 200 more seedlings.
  6. daniella3d

    Another addition to my sarracenia culture, VegTrug cedar little greenhouse

    HI, I bought the VegTrug little greenhouse to put my larger seedlings outside next spring and to store my adult sarracenia in my garage for the winter. I did not receive it yet but should have it next week. I will give a review of it. It's not big, but should be perfect size for my seedlings...
  7. daniella3d

    Leucophylla AJ01 transformation

    This is a spring pitcher, as it get older and go through a color transformation. It's Leucophylla AJ01 that I got from Mike Wang. The pitcher came out just white, no pink, around beginning of May. June 19: July 5th July 23: And today, the pitcher is 3 and half month old, all summer in...
  8. daniella3d

    Sarracenia leucophylla minor giant

    My sarracenia leucophylla minor giant is awesome this year. I cut off the flower in spring and it has produce 2 new grow points and some very nice big and fat fall pitchers. I bought this plant from ''the carnivorous plant store'' in Canada. It's a very vigorous plant...
  9. daniella3d

    Wildlife photography

    My main hobby is wildlife photography. I especially like owls.
  10. daniella3d

    Seedlings producing little stumps instead of pitchers

    Hi, I was just wondering why some of my seedlings (the largest ones) seem to grow in cycles. They produce 2 or 3 little stumps instead of a regular pitchers, then one or two larger pitchers pop out and the cycle goes on it seems. Is it some sort of short dormancy? as those are also produced...
  11. daniella3d

    Furry sarracenia

    Hi, I got this weird looking little seedling, the only one like that out of the batch, that is very furry. At first I thought it was some kind of fungal infection, but taking a macro pic, I can see this sarracenia is totally furry. I mean, it has so much white hair that touching it feel like...
  12. daniella3d

    Found this beauty, sort of

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, but I find it beautiful. I was looking for one and found one in the wood. They are rare and I was lucky to find it in perfect blooming condition. I took a few photos and video and left it undisturbed. They are difficult to keep alive as they live in...
  13. daniella3d

    Many sarracenias for sale

    Hi, I have many sarracenias for sale. Flava cuprea (coppertop), Judith Hindle, Oreophilla, Minor, Stevensi redeii. Many have more than one grow point and most are mature flowering size. They are 15$ each plus shipping. Flava Coppertop: Sarracenia Readeii Stevensii (leucophylla ''Pink'' x...
  14. daniella3d

    What's going on with this plant?

    Hi, I have a seedling that is very beautiful with red throat when it emerge, but as it mature, all the red fade, it looks like an anto-freen sarracenia and the red throat become more like a black throat. Is it because it is anto-free? is it because it is a seedling? The mother plant is leuco...
  15. daniella3d

    How late is your sarracenia season?

    Just wondering how the season is going for everybody and your location? How is the growth of your sarracenias so far? Here in Quebec, it's like we are in middle of April for the weather. It's around 15C during the day if we are lucky, and 7C at night. We are supposed to have this crappy...
  16. daniella3d

    My indoor grow tent automatic setup

    Hi all, I bought a grow tent for my sarracenia seedlings and since then I have put a few equipment to automatize it. I bought the little Vivosun 30" x 18" x 36" grow tent from a seller in Canada on ebay, it was 79.99$ shipped, all included...
  17. daniella3d

    When to repot sarracenia seedlings?

    Hi, My sarracenia seedlings are 3 month old now and they are getting a little crowded in their pot, is it too early to repot them? Should I transplant them or wait a bit more? I am guessing that transplanting them will set them back too much? or not?
  18. daniella3d

    Sarracenia seedlings

    Hi everyone, I started some seeds in October 12 and they are growing nicely. I stratified them in the fridge in wet paper towel and forgot them there for 3 months + and thought they would not germinate but most of the seeds have come out. I had to buy a humidity dome with T5HO lighting to...
  19. daniella3d

    Pictures à la Pitcher plant project

    I did some photographs of some of my sarracenias with a black board behind, inspired by the photographs on the Pitcher plant project. They are probably not the best pitchers those plants can produce because they are still small and where shipped bare root a month and half ago, but they are my...
  20. daniella3d

    I bought a cute little greenhouse

    I just thought I share this, for those who don't have that many sarracenias and want to protect them from the strong wind and rain. I just order this beautiful little greenhouse, 48'' x 48'' x 59'' high. there is a draining system at the bottom of the tray and I will put a 20 gallons aquarium...