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  1. Hal

    Seven years to flower

    I bought this plant as a 1” tall baby at the Toronto Orchid Show 7 years ago and it flowered for the first time this year! Lebaudyanum ( haynaldianum x philippinense ‘Suzy’)
  2. Hal

    Cephalotus soil?

    What’s the preferred soil mix and watering regimen for cephalotus? I have just bought a few. They’re in a sunroom with full natural light and temperatures cycling down to a minimum of 16C at night. The max temp is about 24C.
  3. Hal


    I recently reported most of my Euphorbia for the first time in 3 years! They needed it. Many of these are from Valley Succulents in BC, a few from a nursery in Chicago and some from the Toronto Cactus Society annual sale. I don’t suppose the Toronto sale will be held this year. Last time I went...
  4. Hal

    Looking for Helis, Sarrs and VFTs

    I'm ready to get back into CPs again after a break of a few years while I made a major move. Looking for Sarrs - to be grown in pots in zone 5B and moved into shelter in the winter. VFTs to be grown indoors and some Heliamphora. Mailed to Southern Ontario. I'm self-isolating for the next few...
  5. Hal

    Hal lo

    I’m checking in after some time away from the group and the hobby. I can’t remember when I first stumbled upon this place. I think this is the 4th iteration of the site as I know it, and the oldest account I could find was from 2008, but it seems so much longer than that. I know it’s longer...
  6. Hal

    An update from Hal

    Hi everyone. It's great to see a lot of old friends on this site, and lots of new CP friends have joined in. I've been lurking and and basking in the enthusiasm I'm seeing from the new members here. I've been relatively quiet for a couple of years while planning a big move, and we have finally...
  7. Hal

    Hi from Hal

    Hey everyone. Good to see this new version of the forum! I haven't been too active lately because we're planning a move and I'm keeping my collection small. I've been checking in regularly though, and it's great to see all the activity and new members. Maybe by spring I'll be digging a bog at...