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  1. WillyCKH

    Mites and other critters on sphagnum moss

    The close up video is so cool!
  2. WillyCKH

    Good Trader and Nursery List

    Great thanks to @Jonathan for the trade :)
  3. WillyCKH

    Willy's TC Journey

    Drosera roraimae from seeds
  4. WillyCKH

    Are nepenthes seeds affected by the cold?

    I'd recommend waiting until the weather is warm again to get some seeds, especially from oversea. Nepenthes seeds do not like cold temperature.
  5. WillyCKH

    Pressure cooker

    I use mine for both too, just make sure to clean it properly!
  6. WillyCKH

    Glow in the dark Flytrap study

    Probably not difficult if we could hire Dr. Hasebe and his team for a few years... :)
  7. WillyCKH

    Willy's Heliamphora

    I threw away the tag. I think it's caused by root rot. Need more springtails and isopods!
  8. WillyCKH

    Willy's Heliamphora

    Heliamphora "all black" :(
  9. WillyCKH

    Drosera Gemmae for Sale

    Got mine, thank you! :)
  10. WillyCKH

    Willy's Nepenthes

    Nepenthes khasiana "Nepenthes khasiana is an endangered tropical pitcher plant of the genus Nepenthes. It is the only Nepenthes species native to India. It is thought to attract prey by means of blue fluorescence. The species has a very localised distribution and is rare in the wild."
  11. WillyCKH

    Drosera gigantea

    So glad that this is growing well for you! It wasn't easy to baby them out of TC.
  12. WillyCKH

    Drosera pulchella

    Lost mine, glad that you still have them going!
  13. WillyCKH

    Ceph growing something in it belly?

    Your plant is growing some plants ;)
  14. WillyCKH

    Seed Sale - CarsonH

    I'd love some S. purpurea seeds!
  15. WillyCKH

    P. gigantea troubleshoot

    Lighting is not critical, they are happy to grow under intensive lighting or shaded.
  16. WillyCKH

    P. gigantea troubleshoot

    And my temperature is about day 28C, night 24C
  17. WillyCKH

    P. gigantea troubleshoot

    In my experience, P. gigantea likes a peatier mix. I find that they like 1 peat 3 perlite, they will also be happy to grow on top of live sphagnum moss which prevents root rot. Humidity shouldn't matter too much, I grow most of my Pings in room humidity ~50-60%. Hope that helps!
  18. WillyCKH

    Willy's Nepenthes

    Just finished a new setup for some of my Nepenthes, I hope they will like it! :)
  19. WillyCKH

    Hello from Toronto!

    Welcome to the forum, KT! :)
  20. WillyCKH

    Glow in the dark Flytrap study Grow in the dark carnivorous plants would so cool to have... :)