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    my TC & indoor growing experience

    Hi, this thread is to post about my TC and indoor growing. starting it off heres a few plants i have indoors atm and heres some stuff i just put in TC yesterday mostly fly traps, including one melody shark which is still quite rare in australia and drosera adelae which i did from a new...
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    D. Adelae color under LED lights

    Just thought this was cool. i built a LED light for culture, put a couple plants under it as sort of a pre-explant clean environment this adelae gained alot of color in about 7 days seems to have about the same amount of dew (which is pretty minimal both before and after) so i dont think...
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    Cephalotus from seed

    Has anyone here successfully cultured ceph from seed? i have some fresh from a friend and i want to put it in culture all i've read so far is to use a very weak ms media like 1/5 or 1/10 also heard about removing embryo from husk which improves germination and reduces contamination anyone had...
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    Keeping cultures cool

    I live in australia and the temperature can get up to around 43c outside in my area, and in the past it has cooked some expensive cultures. just now got my own place and looking to get back into the hobby, i dont want that to happen again (and im not looking to constantly air con a whole room of...